One of the biggest (and newest) players in the sell houses for cash world is the tech-savvy and data-driven iBuyer, short for “instant buyer.” If you’re a home seller who wants to sell your home fast and with minimal fuss, selling to an iBuyer is an option worth considering.

Selling real estate to an iBuyer is typically a more streamlined transaction. But that convenience should come at a cost.

Like any business, iBuyers need to make a profit. As a result, people who sell their home to an iBuyer often end up paying for that convenience, netting less money.

Experts say, “With iBuying, you’re typically selling your home at a discount.”

But is that really true?

It’s impossible to precisely compare iBuyer offers to actual home sale prices, but our investigation of a few dozen transactions involving iBuyers in Southern California shows that comes close. In some cases, homeowners made more profit selling their home to an iBuyer.

Here are some examples.

After decades of doing it the same old traditional way, Americans suddenly have options when it comes to buying and selling homes. “If you’re comparing iBuyers’ offers it’s very black-and-white,” Knock CEO and co-founder Sean Black said.  “Why wouldn’t you get multiple offers?”

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