For some homeowners who want to expedite the home-selling process, a new real estate model has been gaining appeal: iBuying.

Also known as an instant offer service, iBuying allows consumers to quickly sell their home to a company rather than to a person. iBuyers, or “instant Buyers,” are companies that use technology to make immediate, all-cash offers on a home. If a seller accepts the offer, the iBuyer then handles marketing and reselling the home themselves.

In May 2019, Keller Williams launched Keller Offers, an iBuyer division of Keller Williams. It’s an important additional option to traditional home sales that KW agents will be able to offer their sellers. KW enters the space with one goal in mind: to support and protect both the consumer and agents while minimizing cost.

In August 2019, Keller Williams accelerated the winning model by partnering with OfferPad. An established leader in the space, Offerpad receives new offer requests from homeowners every 30 seconds and acquires a home every 20 minutes throughout regular business hours.

On November 14, 2019, Keller Offers announced its expansion into Birmingham, Alabama with Offerpad. The launch, set for early Q1 2020, marks a pivot in Keller Offer’s strategy to reach consumers yet to benefit from a robust iBuying experience in mid-tier U.S. markets.